# 3rdshift mod

3rdshift mod is a server side mod with a few features to enhance gameplay. Allocs server fixes are required to run.

For download details, please join the discord (opens new window)

# Current features

  • Check for bad items (cbi) - checks players bags and belt for items that they shouldn't be allowed to have like admin tools. use help cbi in console for more help or check console command page.
  • Deadly air drops - make air drops (supply crates) have a chance to spawn a zombie ambush. This will effect all air drops, even ones spawned via console. Requires CPM mod
  • Screamer detection - when a screamer has been detected near a player it will PM that player with direction the screamer is coming from.
  • Tspy - as admin this will teleport you to within 50 meters of targeted player so you may then go underground to watch them.
  • Mail system - a small message system that allows you to leave players messages that can be read at a later time. Great for those players who aren't on a chat program of some sort. This is used via chat commands