Command Description
airdrop Send a supply crate to everyone that is online. If deadly air drop is enabled this can lead to ambushes.
airdrop <playername> send a supply crate to specified player.
cbi <playername> manual check online players for bad items
cbi <additem> or <addplayer> adds an item to bad list or player to ignore list. ignored players wont alert on found bad items
cbi removeitem <item name> or removeplayer <player name> remove items/players from bad/ignore list
cbi listp or listb list all items/players on bad/ignore list
cbi checkon or checkoff turns on/off the auto check for bad items
cbi plevel <level #> sets permission to be exempt from item check. must be a valid integer.
cbi autoban turns on/off auto banning if player is found with bad items. Use banlist or bl to view/edit the banned players from failed checks.
ddrop Lists available settings for deadly air drop.
ddrop <chance> <zombie list> <zcount> Usage: ddrop chance(number from 1-100) default or custom(which zombies to use) zcount(number of zombies to spawn)
ddrop settings List saved settings for deadly airdrop
ddrop on or off Turn on or off deadly air drops
ddrop include <ferals> or <radiated> Adds ferals or radiated to default list. Can use both but must be done one at a time.
ddrop remove <ferals> or <radiated> Removes ferals or radiated from default list.
sd Screamer detection - will list available options for sd usage.
sd on or off will turn screamer detection on or off.
tspy Teleports you to within 50m of a player