Documentation for the web based 7 days to die server manager

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Cloud hosted

You don't need to get a new VPS or figure out how to install a new mod on your server. Fill in your connection details and you're ready!

Fully customizable

Make your server manager do what you want it to!


CSMM costs you nothing! While donators have access to extended features, free users can expect a fully featured server manager.

Catalysm's Server Manager & Monitor (CSMM) is a management and monitoring portal for 7 Days To Die servers. From here, you can look at server performance, track player actions and movement, give items, ban problematic players, manage a server economy, and more. Once connected to your server, CSMM gives you an unparalleled amount of visibility and control over your environment, allowing you to take actions that would otherwise require console access. From this one web interface, you can manage multiple separate servers, each with their own unique permissions, settings, and configurations.