# Economy

The economy module allows admins to set a cost to multiple actions (teleports, custom commands, …).

# Earners

Players can earn money in different ways.

# Kill earner

Players earn currency for every zombie or player kills they make.

# Playtime earner

Players earn currency by being online on your server

# Discord text earner

Players earn currency by typing in your Discord server.

# Custom function

You can also add (or deduct) currency from players via the addCurrency function in custom commands or hooks.

# Shop


Are you migrating from Servertools to CSMM? You can use the shop converter tool (opens new window) to transform Servertools shop XML to importable JSON data.

Admins can add items to the shop, set the amount quality and price. These will have infinite stock. Players can go to the same page or use the ingame “$shop” command, to be presented with a menu of items they can purchase. After purchasing, players can claim their items via the ingame “$claim” command.