# Ingame commands

# Enabling ingame commands

To enable ingame commands, visit your servers settings page and scroll down to the ingame commands section. Enable the module with the button and set the prefix you want.


For best results, choose a prefix that is not shared with other mods or server managers.

In the rest of this article, we will assume your prefix is $.

# Commands reference

The easiest way to get more info on a command is to use the $help ingame command. This will give you a list of all available commands, if you want more info on a particular command you can use $help settele.

Also available as JSON

balance bal, wallet See your current balance Check how much money is in your bankaccount!
calladmin admin, admins, support Make a support ticket Creates a support ticket on the website and notifies admins of your call for help. Usage: "$calladmin help my bike is stuck"
claim claimitems Claim items you have bought in the shop If you do not have CPM installed, this command will drop the items at your feet. Best to do this in a safe location! If you provide the list argument you will instead see a list of items you can claim. "$claim list" If you pass a number as argument, you will claim that many items, "$claim 5" will claim the first 5 items in your queue
gimme gimmie Get a random item, command or entity. Get a random item, entity or command. An admin must configure possible items via the webinterface before you can use this command.
help Get some help
listtele telelist, teleslist, listteles List teleport locations Lists your teleport locations. By providing a 'public' argument, you will instead see a list of public teleports "$listtele public"
pay Send some currency to another player. Transfers currency from your balance to another players balance. You can specify the target player via name or steam ID. If there are multiple players with a similar name, either make the name you type more precise or use the steam ID instead. Usage: "$pay <playerName or steamId> amount"
removetele deltele, teledelete, deletetele, teleremove Remove a teleport location Delete a teleport location from the system
renametele telerename Rename a teleport location Arguments: oldname newname
seen lastseen, lastonline Check when a player was last online Arguments: playername or steam/entity ID
settele teleset, telecreate Create a teleport location Creates a teleport location at your current position. Arguments: name
shop store Ingame shop
tele tp, teleport Teleport to a set location. Provide the name of where you want to go
telepublic telepub, pubtele, publictele Make a teleport public Let everyone on the server teleport to a location
teleprivate privatetele, privtele, telepriv Make a teleport private When a teleport is private, only you can use it.
vote [] Claim vote rewards Vote at https://7daystodie-servers.com/ to claim rewards!
who track, search See who was in your area You can provide a optional size argument. For most accurate results, try to keep the size as small as possible